The Tumamochian Chromatosphere

Winter Mondays on Tumamoc. Afternoons in the Chromatosphere.

(By the way, Chromatosphere, while not entirely made up, is, in this case, to reflect a sphere-place of colored light, call it poetic, artistic license.)

This post covers work over about a month around the Winter solstice. Paul and I took pics to document.

Tumamoc Hill is an outdoor studio where I actively observe the changing seasonal light as it reflects off of plants, rocks and buildings. Tumamoc as muse to the outdoor painter, color-gatherer. Tumamuse.

As the sun lowers towards solstice, the color cast goes to orange, then red. As I see it.

March will bring back the blue (and yellow). Up and down the rainbow we go.


Pre Solstice Saguaro. Hooked by yellow-green.

Milstead_Sonoran Sunset_Oil on canvas_ 10x10

Then, post Solstice, orange.







And on into cool red shadows.





After all this hunting and gathering, I spend some time in the home studio remembering and exaggerating light effects observed on the Hill. I naturally surprise myself…perhaps you, too.

You can view “Red Winter” at Tohono Chul Gardens this March-May 2016 in the Tucson Plein Air Painter’s (TPAPS) Group Show in their Entry Gallery.

Solstice Gallery

Sonoran Sunset_oil on canvas_Meredith Milstead

Sonoran Sunset, 10×10, oil, M.Milstead

IMG_9280 2

Red Winter, 10×10, oil, M.Milstead 

Low Light on Tumamoc_Oil on canvas_Meredith Milstead

Low Glow, 10×10, oil, M.Milstead


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