Abstract Environmental Expressionism or…Dolly’s Dilemma

In the spirit of naming, I place this latest body of work into the cadre of Environmental Expressionism (obviously distinguishable from the ever-popular “environmental realism”). Better yet, abstract environmental expressivism..or, more to the point, “memory-based-place, expressive abstracted naturalism, emphasis on unity and variety”… naming; best left to the verbally inclined, slippery slope.

Better to just show you.

Milstead, 40x40 oil on linen, Untitled Biological Event

Dolly’s Dilemma, 40×40, oil on linen, M.Milstead. Awarded Honorable Mention by Holly Roberts, Go Dolly!

I didn’t take any process photos this time…there were several  incarnations, a usual, at least three “almost there’s” and then “near total annihilation’s”, with each one finding itself better defined (or annihilated).

Oh wait, here’s an earlier version:


I never know how it will turn out, until it does.

In its developing, a story involving lamb slaughtered in a Colorado meadow last fall, came to mind. The meat made its way to Tucson and was seared over hot coals under a full moon.  

While occupied in the act of painting, pay attention to the mind, many a mystery revealed.

Soon we go to the Durango Arts Center, to try our luck in their annual juried show.

More to come.

Update: Yes, we got in and won Honorable Mention. How about that! Abstraction speaks up in the current “Flood of Realism”.

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