Bloom du Jour

Summer Plan: Record Saguaro bloom on the Hill.

A grandiose ( carnegiea gigantea ) plan.


Looking for a bloom at eye level, Yes!

Plans: Easy to intend, difficult to execute.


You can see things turn bluer at the very end when, in the studio, I work the drawing and pick up different colored pastel sticks, probably because my studio light is too cool…Good reason to work outside, en plein aire, aka. on site. I must confess, you can see it here, I’m one of those people who has to do it outside or else…I loose it. So, back outside we go!

Will consider this one a “warm up” as it is overworked and lacks joie de vivre. Plus, such a composition with so much to absorb and interpret on site, requires some training, like for a marathon.

It is in a good spot, with shade for sitting, and a nice flat rock to sit upon! (I will show you the shade, and the rock, next time). Could not do this without shade, or water, don’t forget plenty of fluids! And a hat, don’t forget a hat, and lastly no polyester fabrics, deadly, those. Don’t forget, uh, braincells will be sacrificed and skin cells too. C’est la vie.

Back to the drawing board, as they say…

3 thoughts on “Bloom du Jour

  1. I love it… and look forward to what will be coming next!!! Great subject matter! Glad you found shade and a flat rock… so you can rock!!!

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