Bloom du Jour 2

Just a few days and the configuration has changed.

I  debate to take a different point of view for compositional purposes.


For continuity, and because it will work, I go for the same POV.


Now, to get to it.

Ach! No shade this morning!?! Good thing it’s only 90.

The earlier, lower sun means no shade. However, see the nice flat seat, that’s what matters. Looks like relief is coming with that saguaro arm of shade creeping up.

I am paying more attention to the (generalized) colors of reflected light, so this one is about that.

Lots of green here…there is something about green…to much of it is not good. Addressing the problem, a famous outdoor painter once said, “never use green without red”. Cezanne?

I go for blue and yellow instead, preferring to mix green and not use green sticks. You can see the palette: yellow, violet, blue-green and red-orange.

Toning the paper blue-green because it is dark and it dominates. There will not be enough time (90 minutes) not to tone… learned that from the first try.


Start with a measured line drawing, then go for whatever catches the attention, one thing-shape of colored light after another.

Here are the two pieces so far for the “Bloom de Jour” series. The first one 4 days earlier at 11 AM, the second today at 9 AM.

Already there are pollinated fruits forming. Wonderfulwunderbar, formidable, verdunderlig (that last one is Norweigian for wonderful in case you were wondering…). 

I anticipate the next visit to see many more blossoms all at once, woo-wee!

After that, fruits ripening, and then fruits splitting open and birds gorging and bees slurping.

Slurp, slurp.

Can’t wait!


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