Mr. Mahoney’s Marbles

I like things with history, patina and perseverance. Plants, animals, people, architecture…marbles.

I am also a big fan of working in series as a way of exploring an idea, visual or otherwise. So, when Mr. Mahoney’s 1930’s hard won marbles rolled onto the scene, I could not resist.



First pass done. Now to ponder on the painting(s)….and decide on the next move.  I need thicker paint, to get the feel of the chipped off glass and ceramic glazing from so many hits (and wins). Surface tactility is important here, these are Marbles, after all!

Thicker paint mixed with calcium carbonate. Second pass over the previous marbles.


and one final giant one to make the point-oil paint is tricky to handle this thick, you really cannot noodle it or it will turn to mud, as you can see, it takes practice.IMG_0068

It’ll go this way. The little swoop down on the right side is a photographic error. I’ll show you the framed work…later. The frame is going to be fun ?!#*;0

Mr.Mahoney's Marbles, 9@6x6 & 20x20, oil on linen, M.Milstead

Many thanks to Ms. Mahoney for lending the Mr’s marbles.




5 thoughts on “Mr. Mahoney’s Marbles

  1. Many thanks for your inspiring comments! I’ve discovered a cache of old glass bottles; purples and blues and greens, so that might be next …or where can I find a set of Jacks, Mikaela?

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