Bloom du Jour 3

Had to leave town last week so missed out on Mejor Bloomage. But, that’s ok! because my mind has gone to fruits already anyway.

Welcome bloom du Jour third time, 8:30 AM start, earlier than the others, I see mostly violet this morning.


I tone my sanded paper violet and choose a color harmony which supports this hue. I pick a tetrad (4) of two complementary combinations; violet and yellow, blue and orange.

Also, must consider the “orange vest” effect which may be influencing the violet/orange choice. I like!

photo credit Paul Mirocha

Holly Hobby of Tumamoc Hill photo by Paul Mirocha

First pass of outlined drawing with slight pink and orange reflection.


I almost deviate to make a study of this other arm because it is so different and has blooms in sunlight which are attractive, but must stick to the plan.


Stay focused!


It’s 10:00 and the sun is moving around to pick up the crown. Everything is going to change dramatically now so it’s “Times Up”.


The morning studies are very cool overall, so I’ll try one in the afternoon next, to see if a warm color will dominate.

Until then,





4 thoughts on “Bloom du Jour 3

  1. I love it! Can’t wait to see the afternoon one… warm colors?! And you will be warm as you work on it… 🙂

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