No Bloom but Fruit du Jour 4 and 5

Here are the “warm”afternoon pastels of our favorite Saguaro crown…Did you know that blooms close as the sun sets!  I never noticed this…such are the benefits of observation.

On the Hill, it is 100 degrees, thank you Palo Verde tree shade.


Things are looking yellow-orange around 2.


And that’s a wrap for today.

The temps are going to skyrocket so I make a plan to get out for another afternoon before the big guns.

Fruit du Jour 5

I’m thinking I’ll catch some blooms today, since there were obvious signs of more action.


Awe, missed it!

This one starts later at 3:30 PM.  Not a one Saguaro with bloomage, too late in the day. Plenty of other interesting developments to observe…it never goes how I think it will, always a surprise!

Like this color choice…who would of thought, chartreuse?

But, then the red-orange creeps in…oh my, this may turn out to be my Frankenstein.

Possibly the heat is effecting coherency. Although, the afternoon breeze and thinking of Jack in the snow has a cooling effect.


The palette: Yellow-green, red-violet, red-orange and blue-green, a tetrad (4).


5 PM, the shadow of the Palo Verde moves over the crown which changes everything. 90 minutes is average for plein air.


Hmmm, kinda wild.

Surprisingly, not a walker at this usual high volume walker hour, smart walkers.


Still, a few more paintings to go. Can’t wait for those juicy red fruits!



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