Extreme Bloom du Jour

Summer Solstice and a Full Moon…can’t miss this.

Let’s see what’s happening on the Hill.


“Strawberry” moonset.


I pick a palette with orange for sunrise and tone the paper.

I want to paint before the sun, without artificial light. I am surprised by how difficult it is to see, surprise surprise no light, no see…What I learn is that, because I’ve been practicing in this spot with the same subject and I know where my colors are, I can do a lot without needing to see. Memory and habit kick in…this is fun!

But, if you are wondering what I’m looking at:




By 6 AM sunlight strikes and the dawn light fades. Time to pack up.

IMG_1605 2

Time is running out for our bloom and fruit catch 2016. The few hours I have left to record are of course during the hottest parts of the day.

I am bombarded with the dangers of being outside but, can’t stop now.


It is 108′, not a cloud in the sky, a little humid.

I have the palo verde.


Actually quite nice.


The noontime light brings out the true colors of the crown.

Yellow is cheery and red-violet super sweet and delicious.

I tone yellow because I see it but also because I need an uplift. I have to pretend these cast shadows are not obstructing the drawing, like looking through bugs on the windshield. Selective seeing such as it is.



And that’s 1:30-3PM.

Here is a peak at the project coming along. I wanted to take it into the night but won’t have time…perhaps another separate project, too bad that moon will be gone.

It starts at 4:30 AM and changes every 90 minutes. Ends around 5:30-6PM. I’m missing 10:00 and 11:30 now, but will get those in pretty soon, before the fruits fall.


(I will) Never forget the Saguaro Bloom!


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