Colorado Cornucopia

It has been a busy July traveling and painting wise.

Some of the booty:


My painting philosophy and/or artistic viewpoint is to record what grabs my attention on any day, at any time or otherwise whenever possible…the less pondering, the better. Later, in a reflective mood, I can look at all of it and begin to see ideas strong enough for further exploration…or just enjoy the fact that I did something or went somewhere and made an effort to remember it (as is the purpose of this blog).

So much (for) forgetting…

Each painting has a story, here to follow, a little elaboration on the process.

So, why Colorado?

It all revolves around the Durango Art Center, of which I am a member. Anyone can apply, but the judges want to look at each work in the flesh, not on a monitor, to decide…I like this because much work that looks good on a screen does not always look so great in situ and conversely, work that does not read on a monitor could be dynamite in person…Kudos to DAC for their old-school approach.

So, back and forth we go delivering work and picking it up, getting out of the stagnant hot n sticky Tucson studio for summer inspirations.

We arrive to participate in the Plein Air Show, juried by Dr. Don Cooke. We win Honorable Mention(s).

Dr. Don Cooke gives a lecture

Dr. Don Cooke gives a lecture

Janice Mackenzie, Honorable Mention

Janice Mckenzie, Honorable Mention

M.Milstead, H.M.

M.Milstead, Honorable Mention

That was fun.

We have a week or so between the judging and the opening so we explore the nearby lake

and, when it is raining, the cabin we are staying in.

Our doggies are patient, mostly.


And now,

a brief return to Tucson.

More Still Life since it is too hot to paint outside…

I want to say more about the blue Grid painting but that will wait for a Grid Blog…another time.

A quick trip to Yuma to see Grandma, she is 102, wow. She is very fun and has a good attitude and an interesting sense of humor, she is easy to love.


And view Art.


And back up to the beautiful CO for another round, with new painting buddies (yes, but no, not the doggies).


Road trip=Special Treats=yummy!

This time, we start in Rico and environs, on the other side of the mountains from Durango.

After warming up in Rico, we head over to “Watertown” to ride the Train to Silverton.


We take the car with an Historical Interpreter, recommended.



Trainview of the bluegreen Animas River.

We paint up Silverton.

Sans train, we head over Red Mountain Pass to Ouray.



Rained out…this happens a lot. But, fear not, Sunshine is on its way!


The view from our hotel is perfect for painting.

i go gaga for the floral explosions along the streets…perfect timing for peaking petunias! Gosh, I can see giant flower paintings in the future, must return next year for more R&D.

And on back to Rico via Telluride where we take a little detour up the mountain to visit Bridle-veil Falls.


Dallas Divide



We say goodbye and settle down for a day of R&R with a nice fire on a cold and wet day…painting of course.



Still Life set up of Carved Figures

Something to ponder, later…


Happy tails to you!


Until our next Excursion, adieu.


Oh, and here we are, back in the Studio…it never ends! Jack is cute, no?


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