The Aha!

As a visual artist and teacher in subtle pursuit of that ever elusive yet fully satisfying, spontaneous Aha! I have come to discover an avenue (or two) of coax. Through this blog, Excursions, I share with readers, students and the curious alike possibilities for bringing the Aha! forth-always an adventure. Visit http://www.thecoloredwilderness.com to see current works.

Thank you for visiting my site, I am delighted to share with you my process.


I was educated in Europe and exposed to art ranging from Grecian antiquity to the contemporary avant-garde. I studied art, art history, and literature in Italy, France, Egypt, Russia, Germany, Norway, Poland and England. After returning to the U.S., I arrived in the desert southwest where I continue to travel, paint, teach, serve art communities and explore connections between art and culture.

Teaching Philosophy

In teaching I try to meet the student where they are to help them get where they want to be. I provide students with the fundamental building blocks and systems of drawing, painting and color and offer guidance to self motivation to maintain regular art practice and nurture creative expression through skill building and technical support. I teach classes and offer private and group tutorials.

Artist’s Statement

I am a Painter exploring texture, color and transparency. My paintings are an exploration of connection between observer and observed, often referencing tangible subjects/objects (people and things).

My first thoughts where painting is concerned are not centered around illustration…or of making “pictures” but of achieving a feeling or expression of order and balance on the edge of “falling apart” or chaos.

I utilize painting techniques with limited technology (hand, body and brush-tool) to talk about the subjective influence of environment on the psyche of an individual (me). I use graphic and textural drawing and paint to document sense experience (sound, smell, sight, touch) on location (place) and make studio paintings referencing place with added psychological and intellectual content. My interest is in how environment (outdoors, indoors, urban, rural, wilderness) influences perception and visa versa; how biography influences biology. Stylistic influences include impressionism, expressionism, cubism and realism.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovely work Meredith. I’m visiting my mum in Victoria B.C. and we were just talking about all of those good times in Norway. I remember what great art you were making even back then. Nice to catch up if you have the chance.

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