Bloom du Jour

Summer Plan: Record Saguaro bloom on the Hill.

A grandiose ( carnegiea gigantea ) plan.


Looking for a bloom at eye level, Yes!

Plans: Easy to intend, difficult to execute.


You can see things turn bluer at the very end when, in the studio, I work the drawing and pick up different colored pastel sticks, probably because my studio light is too cool…Good reason to work outside, en plein aire, aka. on site. I must confess, you can see it here, I’m one of those people who has to do it outside or else…I loose it. So, back outside we go!

Will consider this one a “warm up” as it is overworked and lacks joie de vivre. Plus, such a composition with so much to absorb and interpret on site, requires some training, like for a marathon.

It is in a good spot, with shade for sitting, and a nice flat rock to sit upon! (I will show you the shade, and the rock, next time). Could not do this without shade, or water, don’t forget plenty of fluids! And a hat, don’t forget a hat, and lastly no polyester fabrics, deadly, those. Don’t forget, uh, braincells will be sacrificed and skin cells too. C’est la vie.

Back to the drawing board, as they say…

Still Life Studio: Saturday, March 8, 1-4 PM, TDS

Still Life this Saturday with Christy


Tina Bell, Pansies, oil on canvas, 2014

 The Drawing Studio, 33 South 6th Ave, in Studio #2

1-4 PM


Just drop in, no reservations required, open to everyone

Come for practice, get your homework done, find inspiration…it’s up to you!


The Month of March is a busy one at TDS with the Try It Festival and Dawn Emerson pastel workshop.

We will not hold Still Life Studio on March 15 or March 29.

Get your Still Life Fix in before it’s too late!

Open Studio Still Life: Saturday, Nov. 9, 1-4 PM at TDS

Tomorrow in Studio #3  1-4 PM

TDS, 33 S 6th Ave

Open Studio Still Life Pineapple

Bring your colors!


Open Studio Still Life is hosted every Saturday afternoon in Studio #3 at The Drawing Studio in downtown Tucson by Meredith or Christy. Open Studio Still Life was created for students of drawing, color and painting classes who want to establish a regular practice, improve, want feedback , enjoy the company of other artists in a studio setting and more. This weekly event is open to anyone, you don’t need to take a class at TDS. $10 per visit or, for TDS associates, payable with a pre-purchased discounted voucher.